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Computer Repair

Tucson computer users don’t have to wait for days for computer repairs

Are you having computer problems? Whether your system stopped working completely, is getting slower, or is having other problems, you're probably dreading the process of getting it fixed. With the typical slow service, dishonest computer repair recommendations, and all the geek talk you're likely to face with most computer repair shops it's no wonder. 

Our many loyal Tucson customers have let Datadrive handle their computer repairs for more than 24 years because we’ve stuck to our belief that a computer repair business should be fast, friendly, and fair.   

Soundboard Repair

We can help you today!

We’ll do our best to start working on your computer repair right away and not have it sit on a shelf for days before being looked at. In most cases, your computer repair can be done in 24 hours, and with virus removals, we guarantee it will or it’s free!

Don’t settle for the large service center’s RRR solution

All too often, the “computer repair of choice" done by many of the large computer repair centers is to just restore your operating system to when your computer was new. In the industry it’s called RRR - reboot, reformat and reinstall. This is an easy solution that their entry-level technicians can do, and they charge you plenty, but it’s almost never necessary and can create much more work for you.

Computer repairs can cost as little as $57.50

Because of our efficient in-shop computer repair process and experienced team of technicians, we can do this for much less than other computer repair centers – many repairs are as low as $57.50.

Our experienced technicians will take the time to talk to you, take a close look at your system and actually repair the problems, returning your computer to you with all of your programs, settings, and data just how you had it.

If you're currently speaking with a technician and you want to allow them to view and control your computer remotely, click the ConnectWise button.

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